1,000 Years of Artisanal Cheesmaking

In The Press

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Prepare for National Grilled Cheese Day

WBAL-TV in Baltimore tries Raisin and Comté with green apples.
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Celebrating New York’s Cheese Week

Thedailymeal.com features Chef Hervé Malivert potato purée which owes its intense creaminess and richness to Comté Juraflore fort des Rousses.
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French Politicians and Farmers

National Public Radio examines Candidate Marine Le Pen’s policies and interviews a farmer who makes Comté.
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Comté Pasta by Alain Ducasse

The Chicago Tribune features Alain Ducasse’s mouthwatering recipe for pasta with smoked ham and Comté.
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A Chef’s Thanksgiving

The San Diego Union-Tribune features Chef Tim Kolanko’s recipe for a Squash, Apple, Potato and Comté Gratin.
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Comté Cheese: A Unique Wheel

Discover Comté’s traditional production process, from the farm to the aging cellar, in this article from the Napa Valley Register.
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Comté and Kale Soufflé

Comté and kale are married happily ever after in this creamy, dreamy soufflé from Chef Ben Ford.
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Winner of Comté Scholarship Announced

The Gourmet Retailer announces the winner of the Comté Scholarship for ACS CCS!
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Elena’s Crispy Potatoes with Comté

These crispy, cheesy, Comté-covered potatoes from Food 52 are irresistable. Serve them as a weeknight supper or as a side dish.
Egg & Cheese Souffle

Egg and Cheese Soufflé

Saveur magazine features a billowy and light Comté soufflé, perfect as a main course or side dish.
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Tiny French Community Is Sustained Entirely by Cheese

Discover how Comté’s cooperative production process supports the culture and economy of the region on Dirt.
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Making Cheese on the Comté Trail

On Munchies (Vice), Hannah Howard goes behind the scenes in the making of Comté, from the Jura pastures to the region’s special aging cellars.