1,000 Years of Artisanal Cheesmaking

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Experience the Milky Way!

National Geographic shares a trip through the Jura.
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Taste the best French cheeses!

USA Today’s Emily Monaco recommends Comté, among others.
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Comté Cheese Route

Live vicariously! On a Comté Cheese Route Through France! With Buckelistjourney.net
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Try “the croque-madame to end all croque-madames!”

With Comté of course, at the O.C.’s Marché Moderne.
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Discover the 900 year history of Vin jaune!

Smithsonian explains the ancient wine & pairing with Comté.
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Check out Frenchette’s savory Comté madeleine!

The Robb Report recommends this prosciutto black truffles gourmet treat!
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Comté’s a cheeseboard MUST!

The experts agree – Comté’s a cheeseboard MUST! Murray’s Elizabeth Chubbuck says Comté’s her go-to staple.
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Boston’s South End has the perfect holiday go-to!

WGBH raves about Gaslight Brasserie which has Crepes Parisienne, made with Comté cheese, country ham, and Mornay sauce!
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A trip to Paris isn’t complete without Comté!

Katie Q and Rebekah Peppler, author of Apéritif: Cocktail Hour the French Way, share a fabulous recipe.
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Comté is always in season for NYC Fashion Week!

Hollywood Reporter recommends fashionistas seek out Frenchette and its “Gnocchi Parisienne; laced with ham and comté cheese and made not with...