1,000 Years of Artisanal Cheesmaking


Comté Videos

Explore the region and production of Comté in The Comté Experience video series, or discover delicious and easy ways to cook with Comté in the Comté Cooking School series.

DVDs are available upon request, if interested.


Comte Experience

The Comté Experience

Delve into the world of Comté with The Comté Experience video series. The videos are a fantastic tool for training staff, educating customers and/or featuring promotions.

Comte Cooking School

Comté Cooking School

Comté is a very versatile cheese in the kitchen. Find out how it can be used in the production of tasty and enticing dishes.


Comté Cheesemonger Series

Learn the craft of cutting a whole wheel of Comté, as well as how to best wrap and store the cheese at the retail level and at home. Also, learn expert tips for tasting Comté!